Paul and Perry Team Up, “Aero-Beatles”?

It seems Sir Paul did quite a bit of recording while recuperating from the virus that derailed his recent Asian tour. In addition to some experimental computerized sessions, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry recalled that he and “Macca” joined forces for a new track, telling The Chicago Sun-Times, “I did a (recording) session with Paul McCartney a month and a half ago for a private thing. I met him once or twice (over the years) to say hello. To spend six or eight hours in studio with him recording! He makes you feel like (you’re recording with just another guy). He just happens to be a mother******g huge talent! Everyone’s in the room at once; you play until you get a good take.”


McCartney spoke about some of his recent experimental sessions to Rolling Stone, explaining, “Over a week, I did a couple of tracks, and that reawakened my musical taste buds. I was really happy with those. They were just funky little experimental things, instrumentals. The first one I did was kind of African, so I gave it the working title ‘Mombasa.’ The next one was faster, and that one I called ‘Botswana.’ It was a good week. It was funny, I was talking to Joe Walsh about this. He said, ‘Yeah, man, that’s the best ­when it’s for nothing and it’s not important and it’s just experimental, you have the most fun. It’s really good for your soul, that stuff.’ And I agree. It was very freeing.”

new 9 vox

  • He went on to talk about his future studio plans: “I’ve got a lot of songs that I’ve written, and some that I need to finish. There’s no fixed date, but at the back of my mind, I’ll be wanting to clear a few months for me to write up the most likely of the songs that I’ve got on the boil and figure out how I want to record them and what I want to do with them. But I haven’t booked any studio time. It’s all there as fun for the future.”


  • Paul McCartney’s latest album, New, was recorded in no less than six different studios in New York, Los Angeles, London, and at McCartney’s home-base studio in Sussex, England. McCartney says that it’s important switching it up during the recording process: “‘Cause, y’know, if you record in the same place all the time, it sometimes can become like a job of work and you don’t want music to become like that. You want it to always be playing. You feel like you’re playing at it and just fun really, ’cause I think you get the best results that way. And that’s how we all started. We didn’t get into it for a job. Y’know, we got into it to avoid a job, in truth. And get lots of girls — okay, that’s the other truth.”

Paul resumes his “Out There” tour August 2nd in Minneapolis, MN at Target Field.


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