Ringo’s New CD: Postcards From Paradise Harks Back to Beatles and More

 Ringo’s Starring on a new CD out Tuesday March 31st. His 18th studio release called “Postcards from Paradise” is seemingly timed with his upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 18th, where he’ll be brought into the club by lifelong pal, Paul McCartney.RS POSTCARDS“Postcards from Paradise” (not to be confused with “Postcards From The Boys”, a book of mementos sent to Ringo from his pals, published in 2004), is Ringo’s new CD with 11 tracks, all written by Ringo and a fellow musician, with one exception: “Island in the Sun”, the first song ever written by Ringo and his All Starr Band: fellow members Richard Page, Gregg Rolie, Todd Rundgren, Steve Lukather and Gregg Bissonette.

The standout track and title song, “Postcards From Paradise” is a wistful, bouncy number that strings together Beatles and Ringo’s lyrics to tell the story of the drummer’s rise to fame and fortune. Lyrics like “I searched here there and everywhere until I saw you standing there” fill the ditty with audio mementos of Ringo and The Boys‘ 8 years together.  Perhaps it’s Ringo’s upcoming induction into the Rock Hall that allows the often forward-looking drummer to take on the back beat of his life, though he’s done so before in songs like “Liverpool 8”, “In Liverpool” and “The Other Side of Liverpool”. Do I see a theme here?


In case you’re wondering, there are 30 lyrical references to Beatles songs, compositions and Ringo tunes in “Postcards from Paradise”, 6 are repeated in the songs chorus, adding up to a total of 36 and only one was NOT composed by a member of The Beatles. Can you guess which one?  The answer and one other bit of trivia is coming up.

The new CD opens with a track called “Rory and The Hurricanes”, written by Ringo and Dave Stewart, that clearly harks back to his drum beginnings, in an upbeat tribute to his first band, along with a nod to Tommy Steele, often regarded as England’s first teen idol and rock and roll star.

“You Bring the Party Down”, track 2, was written by Ringo and Toto member Steve Lukather. Hey, Debbie Downer, this one’s for you.

“Bridges” was penned by Richie and his brother in law, Joe Walsh, with encouraging lyrics like, “Down every road we come to bridges. Crossing Bridges is the best way to grow”.

“Right Side of The Road” was co-written by Richard Marx, a former All Starr Band member and hit maker on his own. “You’re on the right side of the wrong side of the road” and “something’s gotta change”, say the boys. Beatle-buddy Peter Frampton (who has a son named Julian), plays guitar on this song and “Let Love Lead”.

Another Marx co-penned effort is called “Not Looking Back”, a heartfelt dedication to wife Barbara, where Ringo sincerely says “I’m looking forward, not looking back”.

“Bamboula” is “engagin’ the ragin’ that’s Cajun with gumbo rumble and mumbo jumbo”. It rolls along with pure Cajun lyrics, a spirited back beat and a hearty, upbeat lead vocal by Ringo that’s “callin’ …you all in…New Awlins”. Though a month late for Mardi Gras, “Bamboula” won’t fool ya, it’s guaranteed to be played up and down Bourbon Street this year.

“Island in the Sun” is the track written by the entire All Starr Band. In this reggae flavored tune, the band’s searchin’ for that island in the sun in lyrics like “don’t worry ’bout the future but don’t forget about the past”, a theme that’s running through this CD.

For “Touch and Go”, Ringo reunites with former Roundhead members Gary Burr and Steve Dudas with Burr sharing co-writing credit.

“Confirmation” reaffirms a love that wasn’t easy and features Glen Ballard, who is most know for co-writing and producing Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill” plus he’s worked with dozens of other monster hit-makers including Michael Jackson, Dave Mathew’s Band and Shakira.

“Let Love Lead” is the final track on the CD, co written by country singer / Grammy winning musician Gary Nicholson who shares a past with All Starr Band member Todd Rundgren as having both been in Nazz at different times.  “Let Love Lead” ends the CD on a positive note and asks you to allow love into your heart when you’re having a tough time and don’t know what to do.

You know what you can do? Pick up or download Ringo’s “Postcards from Paradise”, due out Tuesday from Universal Music and two days later on vinyl.

As for the count of Beatles and solo references in the title track “Postcards from Paradise”, it’s 30 with 6 lyrics repeated as mentioned earlier. The only lyric quoted from a song NOT written by Lennon-McCartney-Harrison or Starr is “Twist and Shout”, a song written by Bert-Russell and first made famous by The Isley Brothers.  You may also have spotted the “Bad to Me” lyric, a song written by Lennon – McCartney, but recorded by Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas.


Listen to hear tracks from Ringo’s “Postcards from Paradise” on Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch with a chance to win your copy in the Mind Games portion of the program.  Go to www.brunchradio.com to find a station that streams the show, or join The Beatle Brunch Club for pennies at day.  Remember to follow Beatle Brunch on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook.





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