Lost Beatles “Album” Found. Watch Exclusive Reveal!

Just like we see on American Pickers or Pawn Stars, each of us has the hope of coming upon that long-lost treasure to add to our collection, or better yet, make us rich! If you’re a Beatle Fan reading this, you’re probably one day hoping to find a box of sealed Beatle Butcher Covers at a garage sale for $5 or a set of all four signatures (verifiable) on the back of an envelope in your neighbor’s trash.  Well, I had a similar experience, though not quite as lucrative, but fun! Roll up for the Mystery Tour,  won’t you?


When I worked in Miami radio, we were constantly adding new stations and new people, so on more than one occasion, I vacated one studio and moved to another. Over the years I’ve collected, or piled up, stacks of old tapes, CDs and radio production packages and jammed them in closets. So when cleaning out the storage bin in a studio that I used to occupy, making room for a new station in our building taking over that space, I happened upon a tape that read: Beatles Unreleased Album Circa 63-64. Well, naturally my head saw the world spinning ‘round and ’round, imagining getting a cash-call from Paul, or sitting front and center at a Sotheby’s auction awaiting a windfall to land in my lap.

Image 1

I needed to find out what was on that tape.  Was it rare outtakes? Was it the long rumored 29 minute version of Revolution #9? Or was it one of the countless private tapes that John, Paul, George and Ringo took home from Abbey Road Studios back in the day?  Well, to find out, I snuck through the radio station halls like Spy vs Spy to an available studio with a Studer: The same brand of tape machine The Beatles used. It was kismet!  I was about to be Ringo Rich! But before I spooled on the hill, the 50 plus year-old tape on the spindle, I took a moment to dream about my new Hawaii mansion, big enough for the entire Beatle Brunch family! “Enough” I said! Let them buy their own place LOL.  Let’s get on with MY retirement. I first powered up my video recorder to get it all down for when Brad Meltzer’s Lost History calls, and now the reveal is here for you to see.

Check out what happened here.

Next month, I’ll share the audio from this 44 year-old Beatles radio show demo I found in the same closet.


So far, I’m still not living in Hawaii, but I think I can UBER to the auction.


About beatlebrunch

Joe is a nationally syndicated radio personality and voiceover artist, host and creator of Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch and The Music Host of special events and concerts, including "The Flower Power Cruise" and "70's Rock & Romance Cruises" sailing annually. Joe J is the local host of NPR's Morning Edition on 91.3 WLRN - Miami, heard from Key West to Jupiter FL weekdays from 5-9 am. Joe's married to the Deer-loving Coop. They live in Plantation, FL, where they love cooking and enjoying Indian food, classic cars (especially convertibles and Jeeps), appreciate fitness, travel, and almost anything outdoors, including making wacky videos. You can find Joe J on Twitter @joejohnsononair & @beatlebrunch, on his member website www.brunchradio.com, on Instagram as Beatle Brunch as well as @ www.johnsonvoice.com. Meanwhile, follow Joe's classic car Twitter as well @classicshowcars.
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